Founded by teachers,
made for students.

Pivot Interactives co-founders began working in 2012 in their own classrooms develops direct measurement videos to allow them & their students to break out of the constraints of the classroom.
Since then the platform has improved, the team has grown, and the content has expanded, but the commitment to revolutionizing science education is unchanged.

5 Pivot Interactives team members in the back row and two in the front row pose with science equipment and cameras used to create interactive video for phenomena-based active learning.

Meet our team


Peter Bohacek

Co-Founder and Director

With a background in computer engineering and 15-year industry career, Peter moved to physics teaching for 20 years (and won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching). Peter began using interactive video with his own students in 2010. The results were so promising, he was compelled to continue to explore how to expand the capability of interactive video.

Matt Vonk

Co-Founder and Director

As a physicist, Matt loves discovering new patterns in nature. Matt drives our ongoing research to learn how interactive video can be used to measurably improve students’ critical thinking and science literacy skills. Matt is well connected to educators and researchers, keeping him immersed in the latest ideas.

Lab Team

Katie Gleason

Lab Manager

You wouldn't know Katie was trained as an economist. She handles the Pivot Interactives studio lab with ease and has prowess across the science content areas. Katie's attention to detail and vision for a shot makes phenomena otherwise inobservable engaging and interactive for students. As lab manager Katie organizes and leads the team of project leads and students to generate new and interesting interactives around which the content team can build new lessons in the ever growing library.

Doug Dunn

Research Advisor

After a 35-year career as a senior researcher at 3M, Doug joined Pivot Interactives in 2020. At Pivot, he uses his broad expertise in materials and process development to guide the design and implementation of laboratory setups to demonstrate fundamental scientific concepts.

Development Team

Adrian Rocke

Lead Developer

Adrian learned to program while working for Pivot Interactives since its beginnings. While getting a degree in Computer Science he helped build the platform from the ground up. Since graduation he has come on board full time and now leads the development team. You’ll see his creative and elegant solutions all across the Pivot Interactives platform. When not programming, he is learning to speak and read Biblical Hebrew and Greek.

Blade Boles

Software Engineer

Every team needs people like Blade. He's versatile, willing, super sharp, and quick. A developer with a background in chemistry, Blade brings a scientists approach to his work.

Brian Birkhauser

Software Engineer

Brian brings over 20 years of web development experience to the team and has worked in teams large and small. Brian joined the team in early 2021 and has helped bring many new features and improvements to the platform. When not behind a computer, Brian enjoys riding and working on his horse ranch.

Jeremiah Jacobson

Software Engineer

Jeremiah started from a background in creating scientific measurement systems and software for manufacturing environments. Jeremiah joined Pivot Interactives in early 2022 and is excited about developing tools for the next generation of learning. When Jeremiah isn't writing code, he likes to build DIY hardware and 3D Print.

John Burk

Agile Product Owner

When John was a teacher he was one of Pivot Interactives' first customers. Now, he is versatile and can write content, work with teachers, or even develops new features for the Pivot Interactives platform. John is lightning fast at solving problems.

Michelle Schulp

UX Designer

Michelle's mix of design and development expertise have made an enormous impact on the power of Pivot Interactives. Michelle combines sharp analysis, a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of UX design, and a designer's eye.

Content Team

Eric Friberg

Director of Content

Eric's experience as a teacher, and education visionary combine to enable him to guide our growing team of content writers and video developers. Eric is a winner of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST), and numerous other awards. Teachers and students who use Pivot Interactives benefit from Eric's experience and vision.

Marta Stoeckel-Rogers

Lead Content Writer

Marta brings years of thoughtful teaching experience to her work at Pivot Interactives. Her ability to understand the needs of the teacher and student have allowed her to create the most popular activities on Pivot Interactives collection. Now, she's leading our ever-growing team of content writers.

Tiffany Taylor

Activity Designer

Tiffany brings 14 years of teaching experience from introductory college physics labs to various levels of high school science. Tiffany is a winner of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST), among other teaching awards, and she is passionate about creating experiences that make science accessible and meaningful to students.

Technical and Customer Support Team

Trevor Register

Customer Support LEAD

Trevor's expertise as a teacher means he knows what teachers want. Combine that with his technical chops, and we've got a powerhouse of problem solving.

Partnerships & Marketing Team

Emily Bañuelas

Manager, Educational Partnerships

Emily loves working in the EdTech industry, especially working with educators is such a unique role. For the past 9 years, Emily has been able to support, educate, empathize, and empower the people she works with within the education industry. Building relationships with people is her favorite part of her career. She is an advocate for students everywhere to have access to education, whoever and wherever they may be.

Carlin Robinson

Lead Partnerships Manager - Northeast

Carlin’s passion for quality science is demonstrated by her years working to bring science materials to schools & districts across the country. Her quick wit and Wisconsin pride keep us on our toes.