Pivot Interactives

Direct Measurement Video is now Pivot Interactives

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The Direct Measurement Video project has become Pivot Interactives, an educational resources company run by the same dedicated physics teachers who've been developing DMVs since 2010. We're more committed than ever to bringing powerful teaching tools to students and instructors everywhere.

Our free service on the SERC website has come to an end. We invite you to subscribe to Pivot Interactives where you'll find new capabilities. Pivot Interactives offers a powerful platform for students to learn science concepts and science process skills. It contains classroom-ready activities with integrated data tables and graphing capabilities, teacher-modifiable student instructions, and allows teachers to create classes to assign and grade student work. In addition, the platform features more video arrays with the Pivot Player interactive tools, and a user-interface that allows users to change variables within the videos, such as the mass of objects or frequency of a wave. 

This integrated platform is far more powerful and effective than videos alone. We hope that if you've had success with DMVs you'll try a free 30-day trial of the new Pivot Interactives platform.

  • Access to hundreds of videos with interactive tools, which can be used on their own or paired with the integrated activities

  • Over 150 new classroom-ready activities, which can be edited, modified, and saved to your library

  • Integrated components: videos and tools, instructions, graphing, and grading

  • Students and teachers can upload their own videos for analysis

  • A free, 30-day trial allows access to the entire Pivot platform for you and your students without restrictions

The new Pivot Interactives platform is an impressive leap over just having the videos only. I’ll use the new PI platform in my AP Physics class more than I would use the original Direct Measurement Videos alone.
— Alan Calac | Abraham Lincoln High School | San Francisco, CA
Pivot Interactives is a game changer. The price is reasonable and you can build a physics curriculum around them. The new tools in Pivot Interactives are wonderful and give more independence to the students.
— Tim Taylor | Stratton Mountain School | Stratton, VT
I’ve made it my official teaching goal this year to replace as many textbook-style homework problems as possible with Pivot exercises. Everything I see on the site is something that makes me say ‘wow’. I highly recommend.
— Greg Jacobs | Woodberry Forest School | Woodberry Forest, VA