Transforming how science is taught in school districts around the world.

Equip your teachers with tools that make teaching science with active learning and scientific phenomena affordable, engaging, and easy.

Students using Pivot Interactives to collaborate in a classroom

Transform how students learn science in your district

Three students work on a Pivot Interactives activity at their school

Successful Students

Watch students' love of science grow throughout the learning cycle & see it show up on their exams!

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Vibrant Teachers

Unlock creativity and passion in science teachers without over-burdening them! Pivot Interactives’ dynamic tools empower and engage every student.

Camera in the Pivot Interactives lab take a high resolution video for the interactive science activities

Thriving Programs

Create thriving science programs students love, parents believe in, and teachers are motivated by.

Our commitment to data privacy

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We know how important Data Privacy is to your district. That's why we've ensured the very best data privacy and security features in Pivot Interactives platform. You can rest easy knowing your data stays secure day and night.

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Pivot Interactives has received the IMS Global certification for Data Privacy.

Compatibility & Technical Information

Easy LMS Integration

Pivot Interactives allows your district to connect your existing Learning Management Software directly with our software. No extra downloads or apps are needed. This gives your team ultimate flexibility and control without having to learn a new system or throw out what you’re already using.

Grades 6-12 and Beyond!

Pivot Interactives offers a comprehensive and expanding video library of demonstrations of scientific phenomena. From the budding science enthusiast just beginning their scientific journey to college or university-level students, Pivot Interactives is the ideal platform for all science subjects: Biology, Earth & Space Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics

Support + Professional Development

At Pivot Interactives, we know you want your teachers and your students to grow. That's why we've made it easy for students and teachers to develop their skills in the scientific process. While students enjoy engaging and interactive content in the classrooms, teachers will be able to grow and discover better teaching methods through the teacher resource library as well. Empower your teachers to grow while they empower students to learn.

Commitment to accessibility

Pivot Interactives believes that all students should have access to high quality science education.  From experimental design, to keystroke navigation and alt-text for visual elements, Pivot Interactives UI is built with accessibility in mind. We also have an accessibility team ready to work with schools on accommodating any additional student needs.

Standards Alignment

It is easy to feel unsure about what resources provide standards-aligned active learning for students without making things harder for their teachers. Make it simple for your science teachers to grow beyond the slides, videos, and lectures with a platform that aligns to NGSS, AP, IB, and is customizable to ALL state standards.

Device & browser support

Pivot Interactives is compatible with most devices and browsers. No downloads or apps are needed for teachers and students to use Pivot Interactives.