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Pivot Interactives gives
your students instant access
to real-world science

Show your students the world of science outside the classroom. With Pivot Interactives, your students can perform authentic science investigation using libraries of high-resolution video and classroom-ready, interactive lessons they can access 24/7 from any web-connected device.


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Pivot Interactives is an online exploration space


Science is about real events, not words or animations

With Pivot Interactives, students observe and analyze the events themselves. Pivot Interactives never uses computer simulations. Students analyze real events using high-resolution video with interactive measurement tools that allow them to decide what and how to measure.

Pivot Interactives gives instructors the tools they need to meet new standards for science practices

New science standards, such as Next Generation Science Standards, require students to master the process of science. Pivot Interactives’ classroom-ready activities guide students as they learn to ask questions, design and conduct experiments, and analyze and communicate their results. The activities contain all the tools students need to learn to build knowledge using evidence and scientific reasoning.

Pivot Interactives provides the perfect balance of guidance and freedom that allows students explore and build knowledge as they design and conduct their own experiments

Students can actually change the outcome of the experiment using our unique user interface and libraries of high-resolution video. Using Pivot Interactives, students can conduct complete scientific investigations.