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At Pivot Interactives, we’re committed to using interactive video to make science teaching engaging, relevant, and effective for all students.

Pivot Interactives Summer 2018 Lab Team

Pivot Interactives Summer 2018 Lab Team

Meet the Team

Our team is led by science teachers, science students, and science enthusiasts.

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Peter Bohacek, co-founder and ceo

Peter has been a physics teacher since 2000 and has always been motivated to create new ways that technology can help science learning. Peter began using interactive video with his own students in 2010. The results were so promising, he was compelled to continue to explore how to expand the capability of interactive video.


Matt Vonk, co-founder and Chief Science Officer

As a physicist, Matt loves discovering new patterns in nature. Matt drives our ongoing research to learn how interactive video can be used to measurably improve students’ critical thinking and science literacy skills.

Our Lab Team

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Lisa fisher, Project Lead II

Lisa, a biostatistics student at St. Olaf College, has spent the last two summers working on biology and chemistry content for Pivot Interactives. Lisa has learned to make lab experiments look beautiful, with her ability to compose visually balanced and clear images. Lisa is an outstanding chemist as well, and a successful college track and cross-country runner.

Joe Dill, Project Lead II

Joe, a physics major at the University of Minnesota, has worked in the Pivot Interactives Lab for four years. Joe has mastered the process of taking a project from concept to reality, creating videos that make science concepts come alive on the screen. Joe knows how to create videos that prompt students to dig in, explore, and learn.

aiden jacobs, Project lead

Although he’s the youngest member of the lab team, he’s also the only one who built a fusion reactor when he was in eighth grade. Aiden’s passion for chemistry, combined with a fearless approach to diving into projects that seem doomed to failure, have resulted in some of our most innovative videos. Aiden’s masterpiece so far: visual colorimetry in interactive video.


Siri Bohacek, Project Lead

Siri brings the same relentless focus to her work in the lab that she does in her competitive nordic skiing. No matter the difficulty of the problem, Siri just won’t quit.


Carl Bohacek, Project Lead

Carl’s creative spirit infects everyone in the lab. His video-editing chops, drone-piloting skills, and ability to weave a story make him an indispensable part of the lab team. Also loves Cheezits.


Katie Gleason

Katie’s passions are music and science. She’s another example of a successful lab member who somehow manages to make chemical reactions fascinating to watch. Katie is a superbly fast learner, and seems to conquer new techniques by osmosis.

Development Team

jenna head shot.jpeg

Jenna Pederson, Technology Lead

Jenna has lead our development team since day one. Her masterful blend of user-focused development and coding skill is what has made Pivot Interactives a pleasure to use for teachers and students. Jenna also manages our team, creating an environment where diverse skills and perspectives result in a sum that is greater than the parts.

adrian r.jpg

Adrian Rocke

Adrian has contributed to every facet of the Pivot Interactives platform. You’ll see his creative and elegant solutions all across the Pivot Interactives platform. Adrian began writing code for Pivot Interactives by learning coding on his own while in high school.

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Isaac Cortes

Isaac Cortes developed some of the core innovations around which Pivot Interactives is built. Isaac is another team member who began writing code for Pivot Interactives in high school.


Anisa Abdulkadir

Although Anisa joined the team more recently, she’s already added popular new features to the platform. She’s another super-fast learner; users will see more of her innovative work soon.

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Abbie Tuckner

Abbie is an experienced web developer who cranks out new features and fixes with seeming ease. In just a few months, Abbie has added tools that significantly improve the user experience for Pivot Interactives.

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Jared Poetter

Jared wrote the original versions of Pivot Player, and created some of the functionality that is still central to the Pivot Interactives experience.