Pivot Interactives

What Do Teachers Say About Pivot Interactives?

What are teachers saying about Pivot Interactives?

Pivot Interactives gave me new tools to build a bridge between what students experienced directly and what the calculations described. I also saw the difference in much higher scores on the end-of-unit assessment.
— Marta Stoeckel, Tartan High School, North St Paul MN

Read more about Marta’s experience combining Pivot Interactives with hands-on learning in her blog post on this topic.

Comparing the absorption and transmission of IR light by different greenhouse gases in #ROHSEarth today. My students CHOSE to do this vs start a movie!
— Nicole Murawski @physicsnico

Chemistry teacher Lynn Swanson wrote a guest posting on our blog about how Pivot Interactives helps her include more lab skills instruction in her AP chemistry course.

I find it challenging to fit the entire Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry curriculum into the limited minutes offered by a traditional high school schedule. It is particularly difficult to run college-level labs in 52-minute class periods. With this in mind, I am always searching for innovative ways to incorporate rich lab experiences that make every minute count. Using Pivot Interactives this year, I’ve found that I am actually adding more lab experiences to my curriculum. What a welcome change to constantly paring down!
— Lynn Swanson, AP Chemistry, Stillwater High School

Students in Ben Meacham’s class determine the limiting reagent in an interactive video of double-replacement reaction.

Students in Ben Meacham’s class determine the limiting reagent in an interactive video of double-replacement reaction.

Chemistry teacher Ben Meacham wrote an article on the ChemEdX website: Pivot Interactives—A Resource All Chemistry Teachers Should Know About

Now that I have integrated several of their activities into my classroom throughout the past few months, I have realized that Pivot Interactives is different than any instructional resource I have seen. As a result, I cannot help but share some of my own experiences, useful things to know about this resource, and encourage you to give it a look. Whether you are searching for ways to make your assessments more authentic, develop lab skills, or increase opportunity for meaningful science investigation, I am confident you will find value in this resource for your classroom.
— Ben Meacham, Chemistry Teacher

Well worth the subscription fee.
— Dan Burns, Los Gatos CA

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Pivot Interactives is a phenomenal platform! I’ve used it not only has lab substitutes when I don’t have the equipment but also as a substitute for a multitude of practice problems to differentiate instruction in my classroom! Very affordable subscription fee!
— Ashley Webb, DeSoto Central High School, Southaven MS

We’re using Pivot Interactives to explore the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration. I opted for this because a) I am loving Pivot Interactives and so are my students! And b) It’s a time saver. We make great progress even with 48 min class periods... And c) EVERY student is collecting their own data and comparing with their peers. That part was pretty great.
— Tiffany Taylor, Heritage High School, Rogers AK

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These tools afford new pedagogical approaches that have helped my students become more confident and able scientists (not simply better science exam-doers). I have used Pivot Interactives to support and help build our existing lab programme (rather than as a replacement to physical lab work) and to provide much more meaningful learning experiences outside the classroom. They are simple yet provocative and elicit deep responses from students.
— Peter Smythe, The Friends School, Hobart, Tasmania
And Pivot Interactives saves the day. I half-succeeded in setting up a longitudinal standing wave on a slinky in class as a demo, but certainly not useful for a lab. But that’s OK ‘cause there’s a Pivot for that!

My feelings on Pivot Interactives in perpetuity: ...take my money!
— Trevor Register, North Springs High School, Atlanta GA
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I really liked the the results from today’s circular motion activity. I felt like the data from Pivot Interactives allowed for my class to draw much clearer conclusions than in the past.
— Josh Bozeday, Adlai Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire IL
Pivot Interactives donated subscriptions to our entire physics class after Hurricane Maria to support our efforts to get back to normal. Thanks to these labs, this week physics students have been able to collect data on static electricity, a phenomenon not able to be measured in our humid conditions. These interactive labs have proved so helpful we will be implementing them into our regular program. 
— Kate Baker, Good Hope County Day School, US Virgin Islands
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Because we have only 4.5 hours of class time each week, being able to do interactive lab work outside of class gives the kids — especially AP Physics 1 students —  more experimental design and data analysis experience. We use Pivot for an AP Physics C E&M Coulomb’s law lab, and for honors and AP Physics 1 students to use at home to see how the models we’re learning do (or don’t) apply to real-life situations. I also use Pivot for labs where cheap equipment won’t get the job done, but I don’t have the money to buy enough expensive lab setups, such as for circular motion. The most common student comment when using Pivot Interactives: This is really cool!
— Jennifer Mosher, Moorestown Friends School, Moorestown NJ
So what I get for $5/seat is a ready-to-go high quality AP-level, data-driven, good lab practice, in-browser experience. It has been a really great lab experience for my AP physics students to add to the normal hands on lab stuff. I also use the videos to teach topics as well.
— Jimmy Newland, Houston TX