For Teachers

Transform how you teach science

Actively engage students with a platform for them to explore REAL scientific phenomena and develop their skills in the science practices.

Students using Pivot Interactives to collaborate in a classroom

Stop feeling stuck using slides, lectures, and videos that don’t engage. Don't lose your creativity, sense of wonder, and fun as a teacher because you are overwhelmed trying to create the science class you’ve always envisioned.

Transform how your students learn science

Three students work on a Pivot Interactives activity at their school

Active Engagement

It is disheartening to pour time & effort into a lesson only to see it fall flat in the classroom. Invite students to actively participate in the process of science.

Real Phenomena

Empower students to engage in scientific phenomena on their terms, more often, and in ways that were previously inaccessible. Pique students' curiosity with real scenarios.

A graph comparing mass vs. volume

Science Practices

Build students’ skills in the science practices, as outlined in NGSS. With Pivot Interactives, students have seen 400% improvement in model-breaking, a measure of critical thinking.

Teaching science while actively engaging students doesn’t have to be just a dream. Overcome the challenges you face as a science teacher with a dynamic platform for students to explore scientific phenomena and develop their skills in the science practices.

Create the science class you've always envisioned

Easy (& Fun)  for Teachers

All activities are developed with effective pedagogy and ready to use. Or you can customize ANY aspect to fit your classroom style and needs.
Create the science class you’ve always envisioned.

Student using Pivot Interactives on a tablet

Simple to Use

Easily integrate Pivot Interactives into your classroom with LMS integration, shared activity libraries, and on-demand support.
Reduce barriers, technical challenges, and complex set-ups, so you and your students can stay focused on the scientific phenomena and data.

Diffraction demostration

Loved by Students

85% of students found science lessons easier to understand with Pivot Interactives. Frequent, personalized feedback guides students to mastery (and lightens your load with auto-grading).