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Software Release Jan 2019: Improved Controls for Interactive Tools

We released a significant upgrade to Pivot Interactives today. Here’s a run down of the new features.

New Controls for Interactive Tools

New controls for our interactive tools make it easier to scale, rotate, and position tools. All controls are available via keyboard shortcuts, and by touch gestures on touch-screens.

We did a major revision of how users control measurement tools. When you hover over a selected tool, the cursor shows what options (move, rotate, scale) are available for that tool. Two-finger gestures are available on touch-screen devices. Keyboard shortcuts allow fine-tuning of tool positions. Click the i in the upper left of the video window to see the keyboard shortcuts and other instructions. Testing during development shows that these new easier to use. (Read more)

Print PDF for Student Responses

We’ve added a feature for teachers who ask students to submit work via Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology and other Learning Management Systems. Now students can print their responses from a Pivot Interactives activity as a .PDF. This file can be printed out and handed in, or submitted as an assignment in your LMS for grading. (Read more)

Peter Bohacek