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Software Release February 2019: Improved Video Upload Features

This new release adds new features to the video upload components:

  1. You can now upload MOV and MP4 files. This means you can upload video directly from Apple or Android phones for video analysis.

  2. Video upload settings are now visible when the activity is opened.

  3. Videos recorded with the camera held in portrait position display correctly.

  4. Upload progress is displayed, and upload can be cancelled while in process.

  5. The default for the recorded frame rate is 30 fps, since this is standard for most phones and cameras.

These changes set the stage for an exciting new set of features for video analysis coming in our next release, scheduled for early March 2019.

Also included in this release are several bug fixes:

  • Eliminated errors caused by multiple requests to save student responses.

  • Repaired the multiple tool function (such as the multiple dots on some videos) .

Peter Bohacek