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Software Release April 2019: Improved Grading Views, Unlock Sections, Student Password Reset

This release is entirely based on frequent requests from teachers. These are enhancements that will help save time and make it easier to use Pivot Interactives.

  1. In View Scores, a new Last Updated lets the instructor see who last updated this assignment, the instructor or the student, and when the update occurred. Instructors can sort my name, who updated, or date. Also, when grading, a new Save and go to next advances to the next student, based on the order shown on View Scores.

  2. When working with locked sections, the instructor can now unlock a section for a particular student. To unlock a student’s responses, open the student’s responses in grading view, and click Unlock Section

  3. Instructors can now reset students’ passwords. To reset a student’s password, view the class roster, click Change Password. The password is changed immediately. Students receive an email telling them the password is changed, but the email does not contain the password. The instructor must tell the student the new password.

Peter Bohacek