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Software Release May 2019: Auto Feedback, Improved Search Tools, and iFrames

We continue to listen to teachers and respond by improving existing features or adding new ones. These three new improvements make Pivot Interactives a more powerful instructional tool, and easier for teachers and students to use.

  1. Automatic Feedback and Grading for Multiple Choice Questions

The new automatic feedback tools increase the ability for students to explore independently, and provide feedback for the students and teachers. This feature allows teachers to:

Automatic feedback helps students know if they are on track, and let’s teachers see which students have made progress in an activity.

Automatic feedback helps students know if they are on track, and let’s teachers see which students have made progress in an activity.

  • enable automatic feedback on each multiple-choice question,

  • set the number of times students can submit their choice for feedback and,

  • include response text that is displayed when the student selects that each answer choice.

When the students submit an answer choice:

  • the question is marked correct or incorrect

  • the response text for the selected answer choice is displayed

  • the number of remaining attempts is displayed

Teachers can use Pivot Interactives an an assessment tool, checking for student comprehension using multiple choice questions. Perhaps even more useful, this feature can be used to provide students with automatic guidance and feedback as they work. For example, let’s look at our new activity Greenhouse Effect Part 1: Albedo. In this activity, students use a reflectivity tool to measure the amount of light reflected from a surface. Because using the reflectivity tool is a new skill, the activity instructions guide the students through an example showing how to measure reflectivity of a surface. Automatic feedback means that students know whether they are making correct measurements, giving them confidence to continue with the activity. In addition, teacher can look at student scores to see which students have progressed through the activity. More information about how to use the automatic grading feature is available in our how-to pages.

2. Improved Search Tools

Teachers will find it much easier to find the activities they want with our new search and filtering tools. A text search lets teachers find activities, while the category filters help see what’s available by subject, topic, activity type.

3. iFrames in Activities

Teachers can now embed iframes in activities, allowing them to embed other websites into their Pivot Interactives activities. Teachers can embed google forms to collect class data, embed simulations, such as PhET or Concord Consortium, or even a trinket.io to allow students to make computer models. We’ll have more about this feature in an upcoming blog post.

Peter Bohacek