Transforming how you teach science.

Pivot Interactives

We make it  engaging and easy to teach science with phenomena-based, active learning.

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Creating active engagement in your science classroom doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult.

Don’t settle for teaching science with slides, lectures, and traditional lab experiments alone. Give your students unlimited scientific exploration with Pivot Interactives.

Engage Students

Go from teaching science through lectures, slides & drills alone to inviting students to actively participate in the process of science.

As a teacher, nothing is more draining than unengaged students. Pivot Interactives allows students to explore scientific phenomena first-hand so you can ignite their passion for science and your love for teaching.

Impact of chemicals and temperature on daphnia under a microscope

Enjoy Teaching Science Again

Trade exhausting web searches, failed lab experiments, and passive learning for tools both you and your students will love using.

Pivot Interactives helps science teachers engage students and build the science classroom they’ve always envisioned.

Pivot Interactives interactive, phenomena-based activities library

Create Sticky Learning

Empower students to grasp, love, and understand science in engaging ways!

Pivot Interactives’ easy-to-use platform helps you rest easy knowing you’ve put your class in the best position possible to meet district demands and engage science like never before.

Impact of chemicals and temperature on daphnia under a microscope

Helping educators & students

Efficient Teaching

Created by science teachers with active learning in mind, Pivot Interactives puts educators in control of giving their students control of interactive learning labs. Within our learning platform, teachers can create new classes, invite students, assign experiments and grade activities.

Effective Learning

Students manipulate variable physical parameters of events through experimental design, allowing them to tinker as they conduct their own authentic scientific investigations. Students watch in wonder – then do, and know.

Helping institutions meet goals

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Learning Standards

Pivot Interactives is proven effective at teaching science process skills embedded in new standards like NGSS.

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Students, teachers, and educational institutions can be assured of strict privacy protections and comprehensive data security measures on our platform.

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Developed with accessibility for all top of mind, Pivot Interactives integrates seamlessly into your existing Learning Management System (LMS), including single sign on.


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  • Hands-on sensor integration
  • Co-Lab® for student collaboration
  • Basic LMS Integration
  • On-demand professional development
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Custom Pricing

  • Everything included in Classroom license
  • Reporting dashboard with usage insights, PD metrics, & more
  • Advanced rostering & SSO
  • Advanced LMS integration
  • On-demand, virtual, or in-person professional development
  • Content alignment with state or custom standards
  • Dedicated support for any & all of your needs
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  • 500+ activities for 1 semester
  • LMS Integration
  • Sensor integration
  • Customize any activity
  • Co-Lab® for student collaboration
  • On-demand Support

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