Active learning made easy

Decades of research shows people learn better when they are actively engaged rather than watching or listening. Pivot Interactives makes it simple for teachers to use active learning for science. Our collection of more than 500 activities engages students to explore, observe, and make connections. Customized feedback guides students and lets teachers measure progress. Interactive video, hands-on learning with sensors, or interactive simulations: you'll have the best tool for every teaching scenario. Any science subject, anytime, anywhere.

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How it works

Three active learning modes

Pivot Interactives uses the most effective active learning mode for each situation. Interactive videos allow students to collect data from real events using on-screen tools, and to change the event to explore patterns and connections. Or, record data directly into Pivot Interactives for a streamlined hands-on experience. Simulations allow students to visualize abstract concepts. Interactive video, hands-on, or simulation: each with guided instructions and automatic feedback so you know what students are learning.


Leveraging teacher creativity

Pivot Interactives library has over 500 classroom-ready learning activities. But our powerful activity editor lets teachers modify or customize the learning flow to match specific needs or teaching approaches. Add data tables and graphs, interactive instruction, automatically-graded questions. Create and share ideas with other teachers in the community library with almost 10,000 teacher-created activities. Match the power of Pivot Interactives to help students soar.


Streamlined workflow for students, teachers, and administrators

There's more to teaching than great content. Pivot Interactives makes it a snap to create classes, assign activities, provide feedback and grades, and report scores to your learning management system. Every part of the teaching process is streamlined by Pivot Interactives powerful tools.


Helping educators & students

Efficient Teaching

Created by science teachers with active learning in mind, Pivot Interactives puts educators in control of giving their students control of interactive learning labs. Within our learning platform, teachers can create new classes, invite students, assign experiments and grade activities.

Effective Learning

Students manipulate variable physical parameters of events through experimental design, allowing them to tinker as they conduct their own authentic scientific investigations. Students watch in wonder – then do, and know.

Helping institutions meet goals

Learning Standards

Pivot Interactives is proven effective at teaching science process skills embedded in new standards like NGSS.


Students, teachers, and educational institutions can be assured of strict privacy protections and comprehensive data security measures on our platform.


Developed with accessibility for all top of mind, Pivot Interactives integrates seamlessly into your existing Learning Management System (LMS), including single sign on.


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