Achievement Unlocked: Using Pivot Interactives to Support Student Achievement

May 24, 2023

Science education is crucial in preparing students for the future in today's rapidly evolving world. As future leaders, they will face new challenges that require them to put their critical thinking, inquiry, and communication skills to the test. Loss of instructional time, inadequate resources, and short staffing has made it difficult for students to return to a robust educational footing following COVID. Additionally, traditional science instruction often falls short of engaging students and fostering a more profound understanding of phenomena and science practices. The result: stagnating student achievement in science.

This is where Pivot Interactives is revolutionizing how science is taught and learned. By leveraging active learning techniques in our online science education platform, Pivot Interactives offers hundreds of resources supporting student achievement in science across various dimensions. Pivot Interactives makes science possible by bringing a variety of unique phenomena to the classroom for your students to explore. With various question types that include immediate, specific feedback, the research shows that students grow while actively participating in the activities. If a teacher recognizes that their students need a more scaffolded version, they can easily find additional opportunities in the vast and growing Pivot Interactives Library.

By leveraging active learning techniques in our online science education platform, Pivot Interactives offers hundreds of resources supporting student achievement in science across various dimensions.

Making Science Possible

One of the critical advantages of Pivot Interactives is its ability to increase access to high-quality science learning. With over 500 activities written by content experts, Pivot Interactives brings real phenomena to students no matter where they are or what tools are in their room. Students take measurements with real tools, like rulers, protractors, pH scales, and even color tools, such as IRIS, and then analyze that data directly in the platform. They can collaborate with classrooms and their teachers instantly. And specific feedback is provided to students throughout the learning cycle, offering students rapid academic support during the activity. This accessibility breaks down barriers for students who lack access to physical lab equipment or live in remote areas. As a result, more students can participate in hands-on scientific investigations and build a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

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Proven Student Achievement

Students learn better when actively participating in the learning journey rather than passively observing their instructor. In addition to a rich library of ready-to-use activity-based interactive science lessons, we provide teachers with detailed activity notes, professional development services, and written guides to support them in employing these model-making and model-breaking skills, leading to higher student achievement. And our research backs this up:

  • Students who used Pivot Interactives outperformed the control group by over 20% on the end-of-semester assessment of Model Making, a key skill to scientific literacy.
  • Students who used Pivot Interactives outperformed the control group by 400% on the end-of-semester assessment of Model Breaking, a key skill to scientific literacy.
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Meeting Them Where They Are

Differentiation can be challenging in a science classroom, particularly for students ready for the next great challenge. In a traditional classroom, a teacher cannot make multiple different labs for different learners – not only due to time and resource constraints but also issues such as safety. For students pursuing advanced coursework or seeking additional challenges, Pivot Interactives provides a wealth of opportunities. The platform offers a wide array of experiments that align with introductory and advanced science subjects. With activities designed to meet the middle school and high school Next Generation Science Standards and activities designed specifically for Advanced Placement courses, it's hard to find a topic that Pivot Interactives cannot support. These activities allow students to explore intricate scientific phenomena, conduct experiments with precision, and deepen their understanding of complex concepts at their level – often presenting similar phenomena at different depths to meet various learner needs. By tailoring activities to individual needs, Pivot Interactives supports all students and promotes their growth in science.

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"My students LOVE using Pivot Interactives! Even when we can do a hands-on lab, the ability to watch a process happen frame-by-frame helps them notice the quickly-occurring events that we can't observe in real-time!” – Jenna Peet, Poly Prep, Brooklyn, NY

More than a Feeling: Growth You Can Measure

Pivot Interactives is designed to foster student growth by promoting active learning and critical thinking. Students develop critical scientific skills through hands-on experiments and data analysis, such as hypothesis testing, experimental design, and data interpretation. The platform encourages students to make predictions, analyze real-world data, and draw evidence-based conclusions. Then, with automatic and teacher-specific feedback, teachers can monitor and track student growth throughout the year. With our admin dashboards, school, and district leaders can see data regarding science practices, feedback, and phenomena engagement in a simple click. Pivot Interactives partners with district leaders to provide measurable growth in science education in a scalable fashion.

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Pivot Interactives has emerged as a powerful tool for supporting student achievement in science education. By increasing access to quality science tools based on research, supporting various educational needs, and promoting data-driven instruction, Pivot Interactives equips educators and students with the necessary tools and resources for success. Through its innovative approach, Pivot Interactives is transforming science education, making it more engaging, accessible, and impactful for students of all backgrounds and abilities.  

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