Henrico County Public School District Equips All Science Teachers to Reach All Students in Science

May 31, 2022

Henrico County Public School District Equips All Science Teachers to Reach All Students in Science

With an alarming number of teachers leaving the profession, many districts are in a challenging spot, especially in science.

At such a critical time, it is easy to feel unsure about what resources provide active learning for students without making things harder for your teachers. Learn about how one district is equipping all science teachers to engage students with phenomena, though the teacher shortage.


Similar to many districts across the country, Henrico School District has faced staffing shortages, especially in STEM, over the last 2 years. They employ science teachers with a wide range of experience and expertise, including teachers who are just entering the field.

To ensure all students' needs were met and were receiving high-quality instruction, Secondary Science Specialist Eric Rhoades, rolled out a Pivot Interactives implementation. Originally found and shared with Rhoades by teachers in the district, it was quickly adopted by teachers in all science subjects across the district.

Henrico County Public School District Demographics

  • Large, Suburban
  • 81 Schools
  • 30% Black, 8% Asian, 6% Hispanic

District Goal

Equip all science teachers to reach all the students in their science classrooms

"Specifically, for districts who are looking for a tool that will satisfy teachers from expert teachers to novice teachers who are going to need some help, I think that Pivot Interactives provides that."
Eric Rhoades- Secondary Science Specialist, Henrico County Public Schools

Henrico County Public School District's Pivot Interactives Implementation Results

Henrico science teachers now use Pivot Interactives to easily & actively engage all their students with phenomena, while using the science practices.

New teachers love it because it takes something off their plate and makes it easier to use phenomena-based, active learning with ALL their students. Plus, they consistently see good examples of investigations because all Pivot Interactives activities are created by seasoned teachers and built with solid pedagogy.

Experienced teachers at Henrico love Pivot Interactives because it exposes their students to phenomena they previously couldn’t and engages them in ways that were previously challenging. They customize activities for their classroom needs, use activities often throughout the instructional cycle, and leverage multiple modes (like interactive video, hands-on sensors, and simulations).

AP® teachers appreciate the breadth of content available and how seamlessly Pivot Interactives aligns with College Board expectations

Science teachers of all experience levels at Henrico County School District are engaging students with phenomena and the science practices through Pivot Interactives.

To learn more about you can provide your science teachers with tools to increase active learning, connect with us sales@pivotinteractives.com.

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