Proven effective with students. A favorite with teachers.

Teachers want the best for students. They know active learning is effective and engaging. Adopting Pivot Interactives  makes it easy for teachers to use up-to-date learning strategies any time. Pivot Interactives activities are infused with opportunities to learn critical thinging and scientific reasoning.

Students using Pivot Interactives to collaborate in a classroom

A summary of learning standards

Aligned with standards

Pivot Interactives content is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, Advanced Placement courses, and many state standards.

On-demand training

Pivot Interactives Academy (coming August 2021) has self-serve courses for teachers that start with the basics and move teachers to advanced topics. Teachers can take courses at their own pace, and administrators can track results.

Customer success ensured

Our team will provide you with the data you need to track usage and success. You can rest assured you are getting good value for your investment with Pivot Interactives.

Our commitment to data privacy

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Student data belongs to your students and your institution. We guard that data privacy by adhering to strict data privacy policies and training. We respond to requests promptly to ensure your institution's expectations are met.

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We realize that data security is a critical priority for educational institutions and we help you fulfill your obligations. We use state-of-the-art methods, such as encryption for data at rest and in motion, to help keep your data protected.

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Pivot Interactives has received the IMS Global certification for Data Privacy.

Compatibility & technical information

Easy software integration

Pivot interactives activities are easy to integrate with lesson plans in popular LMS systems, including:

  • Canvas
  • Infinite Campus
  • Blackboard

Device and browser support

Pivot Interactives is compatible with most devices and browsers. No downloads or apps are needed for teachers and students to use Pivot Interactives.

Extensive help documentation

Our searchable help pages contain focused articles that succinctly answer common questions that instructors pose via our online chat portal. That real time feedback allows our help pages to stay abreast of rapid changes that are occuring in inside and outside of Pivot Interactives platform.

Commitment to accessibility

Pivot Interactives believes that all students should have access to high quality science education.  From experimental design, to keystroke navigation and alt-text for visual elements, Pivot Platform has been built with accessibility in mind.