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Our Mission

Pivot Interactives, SBC is a Minnesota social benefit corporation (SBC) founded by teachers with a mission to improve science teaching by scaling active learning. Decades of education research shows that active learning is more effective than lecture-based passive learning. But creating active learning opportunities in today’s crowded and resource-limited classrooms is expensive, time-consuming, and effectiveness can be undermined when not implemented carefully. Pivot Interactives research-proven online activities use interactive video — a new genre in science education — to make active learning available to all students. Interactive video lets students observe and analyze real scenarios and phenomena using interactive measurement tools. Our unique user interface allows students to create and execute their own experiments. Interactive instructions and instant feedback guide students as they learn. This lets students use active learning to develop exactly the type of critical thinking skills they need to succeed.

Our Story

High School physics teacher Peter Bohacek and university physics professor Matt Vonk began working together on interactive video for use with their own students in 2012. Encouraged by the results, they applied for and received funding in 2013 from the National Science Foundation to continue to develop and test the efficacy of this new teaching tool. In collaboration with the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College (Northfield MN), they created a library of 50 videos for use in introductory mechanics instruction. These were enthusiastically adopted by instructors around the world, with 1.5 million uses.

In 2016, the duo concluded that commercializing this idea would allow further development to realize the potential of interactive video as a teaching tool for all areas of science. Pivot Interactives SBC was founded in 2016. Within a year, they secured distribution agreements with Pearson Publishing and Vernier Software and Technology.

By mid-2019, over 40,000 student licenses have been sold. With hundreds of classroom-ready activities for earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics, Pivot Interactives allows teachers to quickly and easily provide active learning opportunities for their students.

Content Developed in a Public High School

In addition to our innovative solution to scale active learning, our content-creation model is equally creative. Pivot Interactives content is built mostly by students in a public high school outside St Paul MN. Our studio/lab is a vibrant space where we design and test effective and engaging educational experiences, build apparatus apparatus, and record/ edit video.

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