8 AP® Test Reviews in Pivot Interactives

April 20, 2022

8 AP® Test Reviews in Pivot Interactives in yellow box

8 AP® Test Reviews in Pivot Interactives

Give your students quality practice Free Response Questions with the advantages of the Pivot Interactives platform.

AP® testing season is here and class reviews are well underway. Many of us are seasoned AP teachers, so we understand the pressure & stress during this time of year.

In an effort to get fresh review questions to your students, our content team designed unique Free Response Questions (FRQs) for use with your AP® Biology, AP® Chemistry, AP® Physics 1, AP® Physics 2, and AP® Physics C students.

Benefits of AP® exam practice in Pivot Interactives

These activities are designed to mimic the wording, format, and topics of the AP® exams, while also including the grading enhancements and phenomena of Pivot Interactives. Plus, these are exclusively available on Pivot Interactive, so they will be new questions for your students!

Each activity is weighted to run for the same length as the FRQ section of the AP exam it correlates to. They also include completed answer keys for ease of grading. Complete teacher notes are available for instructors on administration best practices.

Pivot Interactives free response practice activities for your students to review and practice: 

AP® Biology

AP® Chemistry

AP® Physics 1

AP® Physics 2

AP® Physics C: Mechanics

AP® Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

Note: Practice exams for the AP® Environmental Science exam are not available at this time.

Because Pivot Interactives activities are a great way to actively engage students with phenomena and the science practices, they are also a great way to practice these skills and review content for AP® testing.

New to Pivot Interactives?

If you are a Pivot Interactives teacher, you have free access to these exclusive practice questions in the Pivot Interactives library 🙌. Add any of these activities to your library to use with your class today.

If you’re not currently a Pivot Interactives teacher, sign up for a free trial, check out our activity library, and try an activity with your students! With only a few weeks until AP testing, this is the perfect time to try Pivot Interactives in your classroom.

If you are a student looking for practice problems, send this link to your teacher, ask them to start a free trial, and have them assign it to your class.

*AP® is a registered trademark by the College Board which is not affiliated with and does not endorse Pivot Interactives.