Pivot Interactives Wins 3 Best of STEM Awards 2022

July 26, 2022

Pivot Interactives Named Best of STEM 2022 by Science Educators

STEM Educators Honor Pivot Interactives for Video-Based, Phenomena-Driven Supplemental Materials That Transform Students’ STEM Skills Through Active Learning

Pivot Interactives has been honored with three Educators Pick Best of STEM awards, an EdTech program judged solely by science and STEM educators. Educators named Pivot Interactives Best of STEM in three categories: “Best of STEM for Phenomena-Based Teaching and Learning,” “Best of STEM for Video-Based Learning,” and “Best Resources for Analyzing and Interpreting Data.”

“We are thrilled to be recognized by science and STEM educators with this award,” says Peter Bohacek, CEO and Co-Founder of Pivot Interactives. “At Pivot, we are educators first and foremost, and to be recognized as the Best of STEM by teachers is deeply rewarding. The needs of science teachers have profoundly changed in the last few years, and we will continue to innovate to create the tools that educators need most.”

Pivot Interactives won the following Best of STEM Awards:

Best of STEM for Phenomena-Based Teaching and Learning

This category honors organizations that anchor instruction to meaningful natural phenomena.

Educator judges had this to say about Pivot:
“I nominate Pivot Interactives for a  Best of STEM award because of its inclusive learning that provides real-time interactions based on scientific phenomena.”

Best of STEM for Video-Based Learning

This category recognizes STEM providers who incorporate STEM video materials to reinforce learning. 

Educator judges had this to say about Pivot:

“Pivot's embedded video experimental tools have opened up a new frontier in STEM learning. Pivot's enhancement of hands-on learning has the power to transform active STEM engagement from something occasional to something daily."

Best Resource for Analyzing and Interpreting Data

The “Framework for K12 Science Education” includes analyzing and interpreting data as a science and engineering practice for teaching and learning. This award acknowledges providers who provide exemplary learning tools for data analysis and making sense of data.

Educator judges had this to say about Pivot:

“The multiple add-on capabilities of this resource are phenomenal. I loved the videos and the ability to use case studies in various formats to integrate high-quality phenomena-based instruction”  - Dr. Lance Brand

Educators Pick Best of STEM 2021 Results

In 2021, Pivot Interactives also won 3 awards at Educators Pick Best of STEM

Phenomenon-based Teaching and Learning

Breakthrough Technology for STEM Learning

Best Resource for Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Pivot Interactives continues to innovate and improve their platform, based on teacher feedback, like the Iris Light and Color Measurement Tools, the first tool of it's kind.

About Educators Pick Best of STEM

Educators Pick Best of STEM is an award program published by Catapult X in collaboration with the Teich Group, the National Science Teaching Association, and MCH Strategic Data. Winners are chosen solely at the discretion of science and STEM educators.

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