What’s New in Pivot Interactives 2022

August 9, 2022

Whats New in Pivot Interactives

What’s New in Pivot Interactives 2022

2021-2022 was  FULL of platform updates, new features, and new activities to make Pivot Interactives even more effective and easy to use! Check out the latest and greatest Pivot Interactives features here and browse the activity library to see the new and updated activities!

Data Dashboard for Admins

With the dashboard, admins see more than just usage… but can better understand how Pivot Interactives usage influences how students are learning with phenomena, active engagement, science practices, and feedback.

Read about how a Virginia Science Specialist Equipped All Science Teachers to Reach All Students in Science

550+ total Pivot Interactives activities 

(now including Astronomy, Earth Science, & more)

40+ NEW Biology activities

40+ NEW Environmental Science activities

Custom Libraries

The Custom Library is a new way to organize and share your activities, allowing teachers to collaborate on activities in their professional environments. Custom Libraries are also great to maintain consistency across teachers and classes.


Pivot Interactives Co-Lab™️ is a powerful feature that streamlines active student collaboration on assignments. With Pivot Interactives Co-Lab:

  • multiple students can collaborate on the same activity, in person or remotely
  • students collect and share data, including live sensor data
  • all group work is continuously saved, shared and appear instantly to all members

But, how do you do group work? How do you organize groups and get the kids TO TALK! That’s the focus of this Teacher Tip with Linda Detwiler. 

Iris Color & Light Measurement Tools

Now, right inside a Pivot Interactives account with the patent-pending Iris color and light tools, you can bring the power of color- and light-based measurements to your students’ fingertips. We are thrilled for all teachers & students to access the power of color- and light-based measurements through Iris™️🌟

Sign up for a webinar on August 26th at 1:00 PM ET to learn more about Iris Color & Light Measurement Tools here

Sensor Integration

We partnered with Vernier and Pasco, so you can connect both Pasco and/or Vernier Bluetooth Sensors for a one-stop solution for students to collect, share, and analyze data!

Learn how to connect a Bluetooth device here.

Simulations & PhET Integration

We worked with PhET Interactive Simulations to bring you 30+ new pivots that use a Pivot Interactives exclusive simulation or a uniquely customized PhET simulation.

Read how one Tech-savvy Teacher Maximizes PhET Simulations and Engages Students or check out the Pivot Interactives exclusive Gene to Protein Interactive Simulation

Rostering with ClassLink and Clever

With ClassLink and Clever SSO and Rostering integrations, admins and teachers pre-configure courses for the school year. Students will be automatically rostered and classes will be waiting for them; no teacher set-up required!

What are my rostering options for my school/district and Pivot Interactives?

Curriculum Mapping to State Standards

We have always offered mapping from Pivot Interactives to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Advanced Placement (AP), and International Baccalaureate (IB). Now, we offer Pivot Interactives curriculum maps that align our expansive catalog with your specific state or district needs, allowing you to focus more on learning and less on planning.

Let’s chat so we can learn more about your Pivot Interactives curriculum mapping needs.

Professional Development (And the Data to Track It)

Professional development can be hard to monitor, especially in a self-serve world. That's why we have grown our interactive offerings made on the platform to include MORE than just videos, webinars, help articles, and live chat support. Teachers can now follow along with helpful interactive guides that show them everything from setting up a class to adding students and assignments. 

As Always, More Content!

In this last year, we added over 100 new activities, bringing Earth Science, Environmental Science, and Astronomy to your classrooms with the click of a button. Pivot Interactives activities mean that it takes just minutes to launch pedagogically-sound, active learning for students.

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