How a Tech-savvy Teacher Maximizes PhET Simulations and Engages Students

June 10, 2022

How a Tech-savvy Teacher Maximizes PhET Simulations and Engages Students

Bingol did away with complicated pdf editors, time consuming grading, and technical challenges. He now uses PhET sims right inside Pivot Interactives to guide students in the simulations, save time, and maximize the value of the simulations.



The University of Colorado Boulder's PhET Interactive Simulations have been a hallmark of science education simulations for decades. They are widely known and loved by science teachers... and for good reason! They are incredible ways for students to see, learn, and explore. 

A Quick Look at Harmony Public Schools

  • Type: Public Charter
  • Enrollment: 35,000 students
  • 61% economically disadvantaged students
  • 58% choose STEM majors in college
Bingol now uses Pivot Interactives and PhET integration to guide students in the simulations, save time (printing, organizing, grading, etc), and maximize the value of the simulations for students.  

The Problem

Bingol is a chemistry teacher at Harmony Public Schools, a public charter school system focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Long before the pandemic, he saw the value of bringing technology into the classroom to engage students in different modes. He used PhET simulations so his students could see and interact with phenomena in ways they otherwise couldn't in the classroom. However, it was cumbersome to practically make them productive in the classroom because they required Selami & students to use printouts, online pdf editors, and a myriad of applications.

He wasn’t getting the value from them that he knew was possible. 

The Solution: PhET embedded in Pivot Interactives

When Selami found Pivot Interactives and saw the PhET integration, he immediately knew it would be valuable in his classroom. No more pdf handouts. No more shuffling a digital pdf between Schoology, a pdf editor, PhET, and other apps. Freedom to edit, scaffold, and customize for each class.

Instead of using precious classroom time uploading, completing, and submitting pdfs across multiple apps, students spend more time exploring the simulation. Not only is it easier to use for students, but the Pivot Interactives auto-graded questions save Selami time. Most importantly, he found that Pivot Interactives has increased student engagement. Selami now saves time, makes it easier for students, and increases student engagement by using PhET simulations embedded in Pivot Interactives.

Using PhET sims in Pivot Interactives

There are nearly 40 ready-to-go activities in Pivot Interactives with embedded PhET simulations (of course, you can customize them to fit your classroom).Or create your own activity with ANY PhET simulation.  Start a free trial and give them a try.

Get one step closer to creating the science classroom you always envisioned by maximizing PhET sims with Pivot Interactives.