Why Pivot Interactives hires high schoolers to create activities

June 24, 2022

Why Pivot Interactives hires high schoolers to create activities

Read about the work that high school students do in the Pivot Interactives lab to create activities used by millions of students around the world.

How Pivot Interactives activities are created

The high school where Peter Bohacek (Co-Founder & CEO) teaches and where the Pivot Interactives lab is still located

Everything we do at Pivot Interactives is motivated by a desire to share the power of science and our goal is to engage students in the scientific process with phenomena often. Not only do we do that through the interactive video-based activities themselves but also in the creation of them in the Pivot Interactives lab, which is still located in the high school where Pivot Interactives began (see photo). In order to leverage teachers’ & students’ expertise, Pivot Interactives activities are most often created in the summer through this process: 

  1. An idea is shared by a teacher, student, or employee
  2. The lab team plans, executes, and records an experiment
  3. Interactive elements to measure things like time, distance, light, and color are added to the videos
  4. Hired teachers write teacher notes, student instructions, guiding information, and questions around the interactive videos to build a meaningful activity, embedded with the science practices.
  5. Teachers around the world use the interactive-video-based activity to engage students with phenomena and science practices. 

High School Students Creating Interactive-Video Experiments for Pivot Interactives

Aiden working on a video for a periodic trends activity

Because of our activity creation process, our lab team has the unique opportunity to access materials & equipment, with the freedom to problem-solve and nearly continuously run experiments. We do not take this for granted, so we want to share this with people who wouldn't typically get this type of opportunity to work on a functioning research team- high school students. 

Throughout the summer, high school students are part of the lab team and manage their own projects, planning, executing, and completing experiments. They work through real-life problems, implement scientific practices, and collaborate with team members to create videos that are viewed by millions of students (including college students at ivy league schools)!

A student records an experiment

Students Valuable Perspectives

Unlike most research teams, which are made up of content experts in one niche, our team of high school students, graduate students, and content experts provide diverse thought. We learn from each other, producing innovative, unique, and thoughtful videos. 

Students have unique and valuable perspectives - we see it every day in our lab. The Pivot Interactives activities would not be what they are today without the help of students. 

Browse the Pivot Interactives activity library, worked on by students, here. To learn more about how to get Pivot Interactives in your classroom or district, check out license options

The Pivot Interactives Lab Team - high school students, graduate students, and content experts